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Your guide to dining and restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

La Gastroteca - The Essence of Spanish Cuisine

La Gastroteca, the best from the cuisines of SpainIt’s no secret that the writer of this column is not from these latitudes. And you can probably imagine that it’s rather sad for a European citizen having to read the discomforting headlines about Europe’s economy that fill the newspapers almost on a daily basis. Fortunately, these economic hiccups are cyclical and don’t threaten to erase an ancient culture, old traditions or, even less so, the  culinary diversity that Europe is famous and envied for all over the world.

It’s therefore all a matter of perspective, because with or without crisis, the Old Continent has a plethora of positive things to offer, all you have to do is be willing to see them. And for a European foodie there is no better way to bring back the sun than sitting face to face with a seasoned cook and listening to him passionately rave about the delicacies of his country. Alberto from La Gastroteca is one of those people, with a humble but positive attitude and twelve years of experience in one of the Basque Country’s best restaurants.  You immediately notice that this man knows the trade of Spanish cuisine. And it’s a good thing that he and his wife decided to look for new opportunities right here in Antigua, because, from our standpoint, the culinary landscape of this city has just been enriched. As we said, all a matter of perspective. Read the interview.


What ever happened to the Night of The Chefs?

The Night of the Chefs 2016We are in March, since five years the month of the Night of The Chefs organized by Degustantigua. Many of those lucky enough to secure themselves one of the two hundred tickets in a past edition of Antigua's culinary event have asked us when it's going to be this year. Some have even asked to coordinate their return trip to their country, so they don't miss the traditional charity dinner catered by 10 different Antiguan restaurants every year.

Well, we're sorry to announce that the Night of The Chefs is taking a sabbatical. After five years in a row following the same concept, we consider that the time has come to re-invent our gala dinner and take it to the next level. We have many ideas how to accomplish this and there are many people and companies ready to support us, but it takes time to coordinate everything and everyone.

We ask you, therefore, to have a little patience and to start raising your expectations, because the new Night of The Chefs will pass from Antigua's annual culinary event to Guatemala's gourmet event of the year. Stay tuned.




DegustantiguaMonthly Specials & Events


Tre Fratelli - Breakfast deals *
CITI Card - Second breakfast complimentary. Sunday buffet: Second one half price +++ BAC Card - Second breakfast complimentary +++ FICOHSA Card - 2x1 in the following dishes: Huevos  a la Parmigiana, Omelette Carciofi, Huevos Divorciados, Italianos Revueltos, Crepas Portobello, Crepas modo Fratello, Tostadas a la Francesa. Every Sunday, complimentary second breakfast buffet. +++ PROMERICA card - Second breakfast complimentary. * Restrictions and exceptions apply.  6th. Calle Poniente no. 30, Antigua. For reservations call 7832-7730.

Las Velas - Camino Real Antigua Promociones de marzo

Hotel Camino Real Antigua
Summer Romance at restaurant Las Velas: Shrimp with puffed corn and chili Guajillo risotto plus two glasses of wine Monasterio de las Viñas Q. 265 +++ Special of the month at bar Las Cañas: Olives plus a bottle of wine Viña Arazu Q. 150 7th Calle Poniente No. 33B, Antigua. Phone 7873-7000.

Chez Christophe

Chez Christophe
Deals at Chez Christophe - Roasted red beet salad with feta cheese and avocado Q. 50.00 +++ Four Meat Pizza, chicken, bacon, ham and pepperoni, onion and peppers Q. 140.00 +++ Tex-Mex Pizza, bacon, barbacue chicken, sweet corn and jalapeño peppers Q. 125.00 +++ Dijon mustard chicken Q. 85.00 +++ Copa de Zorro, vanilla ice-cream, warm wild berries and Chantilly cream Q. 35.00 +++ Tuesdays: Pasta 2x1 +++ Thursdays: Pizza 2x1. 5th Calle Poniente no. 8. Te. 7832-1784.

Mango Verde promo 02-2015-th

Mango Verde
Season's special - Green mango smoothie with pepitoria, salt and lemon. Small, Q. 22.00 / Medium Q. 28.00 / Large Q. 34.00. 5a Calle Poniente no. 4c. Tel. 7832 3811.

Restaurante Del Arco, Antigua Guatemala Happy Hour en Restaurante del Arco, Antigua

Restaurante Del Arco
Happy Hour at Del Arco - Monday to Friday 5:00 to 8:00pm: 2x1 cocktails and Gallo beer. . 5th. Avenida Norte no. 28, Antigua. Tel. 7832-3610.

Casa Santo Tomás, Antigua Guatemala

Casa Santo Tomás
Summer Special - Peruvian Ceviche, mahi-mahi and trout. Price Q. 60.00. 2nd. Ave. Sur no. 10 B. Tel. 7832-1129.

Monoloco Monoloco, Antigua Guatemala

Monday: 2x1 pizzas, with every large, receive a free medium one +++ Tuesday: Ladies night +++ Wednesday: 2x1 cubas libres +++ Thursday: Wing night with buckets of beer +++ Monday to Friday: Happy hour 5 to 8 pm. 5a. Ave. Sur no. 6, Antigua. 

Restaurante Fridas Antigua Guatemala

Fridas' Weekly Specials
Sunday Mexi Brunch from 10:00am +++ Monday: 2x1 margaritas and rum, karaoke +++ Tuesday: 2x1 vodka, the second dish at half price on the whole menu +++ Wednesday: 25% discount for ladies only tables, 2x1 daiquiri and wine, 2x1 quesadillas, lottery +++ Thursday: 2x1 margaritas, tequila and mojitos, live music +++ Friday: mezcaleros. 5th Ave. Norte no. 29, Antigua. Phone 7832-1296.

Mesón Panza Verde

La Cueva Live - Mesón Panza Verde
Saturday 14, 5:00 pm: Más Música, Menos Violencia, a unique musical recital by students of Sistema de Orquestas de Guatemala, (SOG). All proceeds support SOG and its programs. Suggested donation Q. 150 +++ Saturday 7 and 28: Seth Mondfort, Classical & Jungle Pianist/Composer. Q. 75 Donation suggested +++ Saturday 21, 5:00 pm: Special performance by Gato Negro, Rumba and Latin music with Jorge, Willie and Margie Gómez. Cover Q. 35   +++ Wednesdays, 8-10 pm: Tito Santis, Latinamerican guitar. Cover Q. 35. +++  Thursdays 8-10pm: Nelson Lunding, piano & vocal from New Orleans, cover Q. 35 +++ Fridays, 8-10pm: Latin Trio, Denis Medina on Cubano Tres, cover Q. 35 +++ Saturdays 8-10pm: Sergio Zepeda & Friends. Cover Q. 35. 5th Avenida Sur no. 19, Antigua. Phone 7832-2925.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas
Live Music - Monday & Wednesday 8-10pm: Trova Reggae with Gustavo Santos +++ Tuesday 7:30-10:00pm: Bossa Nova, romantic +++ Thursday 9:00-11:00: Reggae, Soca & Cumbia +++ Friday & Daturday 10:00-01:00: Salsa tropical with Caribe +++ Sunday: Surprise +++ Daily: Movies from 2:00  to 4:00pm. 6th. Avenida Norte no. 14, Antigua. Tel. 7832-9734.

Rainbow Café

Live music from 8:00pm at Rainbow Café
Mondays: Diffrent Guest Musicians +++ Tuesdays and Thursdays: Gustavo, this local musician plays a mix of Latin and western classices +++ Wednesdays: Open Mic Night, hosted by different musicians; come along and show your skills! +++ Fridays: Diffrent Guest artists +++ Saturdays: Variety of bands and musicians. Sundays: Kenny Molina, one of Antigua's most loved musicians plays a variety of Latin music that will make you dance. 7a. Ave Sur no 8, Antigua. Phone 7832-1919.


Tre Fratelli - Lunch and dinner deals *
CITI Card - With the following dishes, the second one is complimentary: Pollo portobello, Rissoto Piamonte, Pesce Cinzano, Fetuccini Inferno, Lasagna any selecction, Che Bisteca +++ FICOHSA Card - Following dishes 2x1: Gnocchi della Campagna, Spaghetti all Sampieri, Fetuccini Inferno, Linguine alla Carbonara, Ravioli alla Bolognese, Pesce al limoncello, Pollo alla parmigiana +++ PROMERICA Card - With following dishes, second one is complimentary: Pesce Adriático, Lasagna Bolognesa, Pollo Portobello, Spaghetti pomodoro con pollo, Pollo Cacciatora.  6th. Calle Poniente no. 30, Antigua. For reservations call 7832-7730.

Epicure Restaurant, Antigua Guatemala

Epicure Restaurant
Live Music - El Trio, Saturdays from 7:00 to 9:00pm and Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00pm. 3a. Ave. Norte no. 11-B. Tel. 7832-5522.

Los Tres Tiempos, Antigua Guatemala

Los Tres Tiempos
Live Boleros - Every Sunday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Throughout March: 2x1 on glasses of wine. 5a. Ave. Norte no. 31. Tel. 7832-6131.